this is what’s occurred this week. Well some of it anyhow…..
I’ve loved the recent British movie classic, ‘About Time’. Quirky, brilliant, poignant relational dynamics.
Progress and pain, often co-exist. And people can often cease to move forward…..Helping some people get unstuck this week has been my delight.
Deep listening is seriously important and properly tiring.
Discouragement can just gnaw away at people……. like really do a job on people.
Julie’s really loved the Private Practice TV series, and we’ve been chugging through it slowly…. and up next it’s my pick: House of Cards. At last. We’ll let you know how we get on with it……. 
Disappointment can ambush. And when instinct is on collision course with decision makers then it can really cause even more disappointment. Some folk don’t have a can-do mentality, and are sadly risk-averse.
God’s grace is never missing in the detail if we will only look close enough……. I’ve seen it over and over this week. And I’m so thankful!
Love it when I get to read new writers……Emma Hancock is one such talent, and her first book, Good Grief is as worthy of recommendation as Jerry Sittser’s, A grace disguised and CS Lewis’, A grief observed. That’s the best compliment I can offer. Contact her for your own copy.
Nick’s recommendation of Terry Virgo’s Restoration in the church, is deserved, “Don’t grow stagnant on dead religion!”
More spinning savagery….but hey, why not. Three times this week.
This Grand Design in the countryside was just lush, right?!
One of the obscure preaching requests is coming into focus…. Colossians 1 v 27 feels like the truest response. “Christ in you is the hope of glory!” Go on, live this life…..
And Julie is baking right now, and the smell is great. Fact: this might be just become of my love languages.
Blessed Saturday to you….