from this week….
Humbling weekend with great people in the countryside, unpacking the massive implications of a life of loving God and loving others. This is central to a gospel life.
This is always the heavy end of the year.
Everyone you meet is facing a struggle but Gods grace is more than enough.
God’s been speaking to me about life as transformation, not just transaction.
And as I keep advocating,….. if scripture feels dry and dusty, read it out loud and let it renew you in multiple ways.
And how to rescue a region or diocese. Go for broke in consistent, unashamed mission.
And again the most difficult to answer question for leaders in serving: what are you aiming at?’ Vagueness in mind and focus translates powerfully in the culture of the life of the people and their cumulative witness.
My favourite new talk this last week, preaching Colossians 1 v 27, “Christ at work in you, is the hope of glory!” An ancient secret, a revealed and a transforming secret! The with-God-life changes everything…..
“We need time wisdom not time management.” Wisdom, discernment and courage on the follow-through are greatly needed!
The book I have on the go, fabric of faithfulness, “rather than being shipwrecked by the brokenness of the world, they learn to navigate their way through, holding onto the integrity of their vocations through life. Indeed they have woven together belief and behaviour into a fabric of faithfulness that has kept their hearts alive in the face of evil, and injustice, grief and pain.” As my spiritual director provoked me, we can get sketchy the longer in the faith we become.
Begin again‘ was a kookey musical gem, I enjoyed it.
Getting into the wide expansive green countryside is just plain good.
For the sake of many, investing in a few makes such joyful sense. So keep on choosing well…..