A change of pace during half-term has been very good to me. A change of pace, always brings a change of perspective.
The confidence of Christ’s never failing work in His people, continues to so encourage me.
The kiddies have been growing in their technology skills. They love YouTube more than I love printed books. We had so much fun, and this is one of theirs!
Calvary was an overdue watch, and is now one of my favourite movies of 2014. Brendan Glesson is majestic in this. Anything that includes St. Augustine’s words, well it’s gotta be good: “Do not despair; one of the thieves was saved. Do not presume; one of the thieves was damned.” This and a Thousand times goodnight, were a stark contrast to lazy viewing with our teens! We killed Modern Family series 5.
And yes I hardly read a chapter, apart from scripture.
Rohan Anderson’s powerful critique of the food and health correlation: another Do-Lecture moment. 
Keep on pursuing joy. Discern the joy thieves….and know His joy to be your strength.
This song about Sovereign God and Chris Tomlin’s new album ‘Love ran red’ have really nourished parts of my week.
Keep on tracing God’s grace. Even if it’s hard, it’s everywhere. Be a spotter.

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