“People often say they are afraid of death – about, as they sometimes put it, having to be nothing after all these lovely years of being something. When they tell me that, I try to focus the problem more tightly. “Let me see if I understand you,” I say. “You’re bothered by the thought that you will be non-existent in, say, the year 2075. But tell me something. Has it ever occurred to you to worry about the fact that you were likewise non-existent in 1875?

Of course it hasn’t, for the simple reason that, by the forces of nature alone, you got bravely over that first attack of nothingness and were born. Well, all the Gospel is telling you is that your death – your second bout of nothingness – is going to be even less of a problem than your first. By the power of Jesus’ death and resurrection, you will get bravely over that too, and be reborn. In fact, you already have been; so go find something more dangerous to worry about.”

Robert Farrar Capon