“Christian community is not and never can be about us. When our dreams and convictions about what we think community should be are dashed against the jagged reef of human limitations and failure to live up to one another’s needs and expectations, then and only then are we ready to accept the fact that Christian community is not about us at all. It is about the transforming presence of Christ—all he will do in and through and for each of us.” Life Together in Christ by Ruth Haley Barton

1 Four patterns learnt from the life of Jesus. Core stuff. 
2 Rabbi Jonathan Sacks offers some significant thoughts on complimentarity
3 Sam Allberry’s costly, ‘Discipleship is not always easy…….’ 
4 We all get to choose ‘doxology or dark’ in a lifestyle of gratitude.
5 New favourite song atm from David Crowder, “for earth has no burden, that heaven cannot heal.”