sees us clamour a little…….
My heroically lovely sister claims more of the *green than me!!
My passport says British, like hers but we’re never going to get tribal in the kingdom of God, but on St Patricks day, it’s always going to be colourful and predictable on social media.
Lincoln said it earliest and wittiest today! “My three favourite Irish saints are called Hatrick!”
Reflecting on Patricks words of confession are worth a few moments here.
I was called back to these words of Patrick….
“O God, give me of Thy wisdom,
O God, give me of Thy mercy,
O God, give me of Thy fullness,
And of Thy guidance in face of every strait.
O God, give me of Thy holiness,
O God, give me of Thy shielding,
O God, give me of Thy surrounding,
And of Thy peace in the knot of my death.”
There’s many better things to drink than Guinness and let’s be those who follow God whole-heartedly. Thats true legacy.