at year end. Here’s some things that I’ve gathered quickly from the memories of the past months. Some of my favourite from 2015!
1 The good and beautiful community, by James Bryan Smith
2 Visions of vocation, by Steven Garber
3 Yawing at Tigers, by Drew Dyck
4 Creating a missional culture, by JR Woodward
5 Giving blood, by Leonard Sweet

1 Swiss mountain-views with Julie, Northumbrian wide open spaces and Cornish coastlines were thrilling
2 Summer-sunshine water-play and pure silliness with Noah & Esther, sans wifi!
3 Culling a serious excess of stuff – was both helpful and healthy!
4 the ongoing preciousness of new and deepening relationships
5 the delight of being-spent daily for Christ and His cause. Easily the best!

1 Capital
2 River
3 Luther but more episodes please!
4 Suffragette
5 Humans
And yes this is miserable proof I’ve watched little!

And more randomly….
1 Griddled beef from Keevil & Keevil, with red wine & good people around the table.
2 “So let my deeds outrun my words, and let my life outweigh my songs” Matt Redmans new song 
3 Adele’s brilliant song even with it’s narrative hopelessness! Haunting stuff!
4 My new armchair:- because refurbished possibilities are always better than new, right?
5 Oh and moderate amounts of Terry’s chocolate orange!

And yes it was far too full in some ways…..but ever so glorious. And Noah, Esther and I didn’t get the Christmas tree lights tangled at all!