Waking up today was like no other. Here’s one of my favourite Psalms, reworked…….

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.
Therefore we will not fear,
whatever the economic predictions,
whatever the governmental shifts.
The FTSE and share numbers need not trouble us.
Though layers of turbulence and uncertainty lie ahead.
Though Cameron, Farage and Boris would falter
There is a sure-place,
a confidence we have in our one-true-God.
The never-failing promises of God in Jesus will prevail,
Heaven isn’t insecurely fragile as though under threat.
Whilst speculation, fear and horrid debate still result
Though prideful bluster may increase and access may be at risk,
God will see us through.
Tho’ tribalism may dominate, and this odd-Friday be remembered,
And our nations hopes dip and spike
We’re best trusting the care of our unchanging God;
We don’t need false triumphalism or threatening doom.
By God’s mercy and grace we can have bright forever tomorrows
For the God of Jacob is able and He will see us through.