The invitation of God for us is abundance. Always.
We hear the well-known patter of John 10v10, and the promise of life to the full in Jesus, or we recall childhood exuberance in the singing, “Our God is so big, so strong and so mighty….” And yet we can feel lost to this truth of God’s abundance. Sunday night’s passage called me back to this strongly. John 2 sees another encounter with Jesus surrounded by wedding day disappointment due to a wine deficiency!

Each of the huge six stone water pots, about the full height of an average man, would have contained about thirty gallons. They signify the fantastic abundance of the gifts introduced by Christ. This would have been literally a ton of grapes involved – this measure was 150 gallon or on our terms – 756 bottles in total. Yes that much! Jesus produced 756 bottles for love of us… God’s overflowing measure is that! Also when I was geeking out about the detail… it is worth noting that the Jews always diluted the wine with water, usually three parts wine to one part water. The scale of this abundance might have resulted in over one thousand bottles in effect!

All of this point us to the trustworthiness of Jesus and to invitation that we might believe, verse 11. Through this sign we see the superabundance of gifts available through Jesus Christ……“grace upon grace.”

God’s measure is abundance, not scarcity. God is not a cheapskate! God wants us to be filled to the fullness of God, not just getting by. God wants an overflowing life for you and me…not wasteful but overflowing, and yet our greatest dilemma is that we don’t consistently believe this! Believe abundance – its a 756 measure not scarcity!

I don’t know what abundance looks like for you? Would you let Jesus call you away from a scarcity mindset and a lack of faith? 756 bottles of wine is more than I can comprehend, but it’s the measure of God in Jesus. This is grace upon grace! Here’s to living in this gospel confidence! So this is my prayer:- “Lord Jesus fill my life to overflowing!”