God’s graciously challenging me…. Im know Gods tenderness in this.
Seeing this cohort of Alpha guests journey with Jesus is humbling
It’s been a decent coffee week too! Praise be…..
Seeing heaps of new possibilities in our community, in all sorts of way. Amen.
Walking through suffering and pain yet with hope is the grit of pastoral life.
Greater and deeper reading at the moment. More Lord!
Adding six more people to home group life in the last ten days is another kick!
Jacobs story and his complex trickster ways continues to help our church family.
I’m still hungry for a bigger vision of God’s kingdom.
The King of Kings doesn’t flinch because of this crazy election season.
Christians-behaving-badly sadly isn’t new. I remain endlessly hopeful.
Discernment is an underrated gift.
Terry’s chocolate orange segments still cant be counted as part of my five-a-day!
The Missing, is not really easy viewing, ‘while tidying away some admin!’
Truly loving life and what Jesus is about, endlessly nourishes my soul.
Talking and laughing with Julie is a favourite thing!