It’s a bittersweet day as this morning we announced news that I’ve been offered, and accepted the invitation to serve as the next Vicar of Swanley and Hextable in Rochester Diocese. This will mean a move for us, leaving the wonderful people of Emmanuel Church, Northwood and the wider community here, to lead and serve in mission and discipleship there.

Just as God very graciously guided us purposefully to Emmanuel in 2014, so we trust His hand in this detail. It is a bittersweet announcement. Leaving Emmanuel and the wider community will be painful yet the season and circumstances invite it for the good of all going forward. The unanimous invitation of the parish reps, patron and diocesan Bishop to serve this one church family across two locations, as well as being a New Wine hub, is an exciting and significant opportunity for us.

We have known God’s clear leading and provision in all of the details and events of the last few weeks. We are still working out the timescale for finishing here at Emmanuel with the licensing start planned for Monday 29th January in Rochester diocese as we join in with all that God is already doing in that place. Here’s to more of God’s kingdom life in all our lives – yes we all get to play! Partnering with the Holy Spirit, following Jesus best we can and having daily adventures! We’re humbled, excited & trusting for all that’s ahead!

News as shared at Emmanuel and with Swanley & Hextable