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at year end. Here's some things that I've gathered quickly from the memories of the past months. Some of my favourite from 2015! books 1 The good and beautiful community, by James Bryan Smith 2 Visions of vocation, by Steven Garber 3 Yawing at Tigers, by Drew Dyck 4 Creating a missional culture, by JR Woodward 5 Giving blood, by Leonard Sweet discoveries 1 Swiss mountain-views with Julie, Northumbrian wide open spaces and Cornish coastlines were thrilling 2 Summer-sunshine water-play and pure silliness with Noah & Esther, sans wifi! 3 Culling a serious excess of stuff - was both helpful [...]


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I've seriously loved the journey towards Christmas this year more than most. I've discovered in a new deeper and fuller way. Having to preach our Advent Carol Service and then having designed our Resource Night to lean into this, means I *really looked up close. People have agitated me to post my best take-aways from my thinking about this, this year......So here goes! My advent manifesto is best captured as, 'ready, steady,.....wait!' Each year, during the season of Advent, the church sets off on a journey. We begin to prepare our hearts and minds for the coming of the Christ-child, so that this [...]

five on Friday

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"The church, which is a kingdom fellowship under King Jesus, counters each of these stories with the story of new creation that becomes possible through the power of the Spirit and the life of Jesus. Kingdom creates a family called a church." Scot McKnight 1 Eight killers of momentum and motivation. Ron's insight.  2 Creativity's worst enemy: "Creators carry with them the scars from cynic’s attacks, wounds that are healed because of grace." 3 Corderio's Dead Leader Walking video footage.  4 Thom Rainer's insights as to what may happen in the church this year. 5 Tim Chester's blog on the puritan [...]