5 of Peterson

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So here's five more quotes, from one of my favourite Pastor mentors. The wise, inimitable and gracious Eugene Peterson. You know the drill......here goes. 1. “The mature Christian life involves a congruence of grace and work.” 2. “Christian faith is not neurotic dependency but childlike trust. We do not have a God who forever indulges our whims but a God whom we trust with our destinies.” 3. “When we sin and mess up our lives, we find that God doesn't go off and leave us- he enters into our trouble and saves us.” 4. “Stories are verbal acts of hospitality.” 5. [...]

5 of Ewell

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A newer voice, that I'm finding really helpful is Rosalee Ewell. So here's five and a bit goodies to fuel your thinking and your faith. 1 "Find yourself in God's greater story. Don't drift into my own lesser story! " 2 "God's wonder is caught up in the small things, not in the world changing projects, but in daily living..." 3 "Defining ourselves as God's people requires us to be grateful." 4 " The gospel necessitates our confidence, humility and grace in the face of all that is plural and tolerant." 5 "If we do not define or redefine ourselves [...]

5 from Martin

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As you'll have seen, one of my favourite reads this year is Jonathan Martin's, Prototype. Outstanding stuff. And so here are some great quoteable gems from this great pastor.  1 "I see beauty because I see the future breaking into the present!" 2 "The wilderness is where we can experience the primal delight of being fully known and delighted in by God.” 3 One of the best signs of spiritual health is when we no longer need a "them" to feel good about being "us." 4 Obscurity is where God sends all of His favourite sons and daughters......All good stuff happens in obscurity. 5 "Any moment [...]

5 of Dawn

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So here's another little series. Or a starter at least. Favourite recently found quoteables. More than just some of the usual voices I cite. Those Brennan Manning, Dallas Willard, John Wimber, CS Lewis or John Stott influences. I'll push out other soundbites from wider writing and book goodness that have come my way. I'm for sharing! The plan is that I'll post five helpful sentences.....We'll see how it goes. And feel free if you'd like to link and comment with some of your favourite voices, writers and heroes, I'd love to read. So today, I'm starting with Marva Dawn. One [...]