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what.....? How is it for you...... Discerning the difference between options, load and possibilities is key. Kevin DeYoung is spot on in his book Crazy Busy. "It’s not wrong to be tired. It’s not wrong to feel overwhelmed. It’s not wrong to go through seasons of complete chaos. What is wrong— and heartbreakingly foolish and wonderfully avoidable— is to live a life with more craziness than we want because we have less Jesus than we need."


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Movements that change the world, by Steve Addison is a great book. And here's some of my favourite parts. "Movements are informal groups of people with an agenda for change. They have leading figures but no one person in control. Movements make history. "Movements change people, and changed people change the world." "The New Testament is a missionary document........The church, in its very essence, is a missional movement…." Mission has a threefold reality: a message, communication of truth and a new way of life, and the purpose of conversion. Each new movement has a unique contribution to make to the [...]


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yes, One-way love......according to Tullian Tchividjian It is one of the books in my recent reading bundle, and it's a goodie. So perhaps you're not going to read all of it, or even some of it. Here are some of the best bits. “The Bible is one long story of God meeting our rebellion with His rescue, our sin with His salvation, our guilt with His grace, our badness with His goodness. The overwhelming focus of the Bible is not the work of the redeemed but the work of the Redeemer. Which means that the Bible is not first a [...]


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....from one of my early 2014 reads, Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power by Andy Crouch It's crunchy content, navigating often caricatured ideas. Power is a gift, and that's the central and controversial idea unpacked.  Here's my favourite quote for now! "The grand pattern of creation is good, to very good, to glory! Nature is good. Culture – human beings acting with creativity and care upon the good gifts of the natural world – is very good. Grain is good – but bread is very good. This is the essential pattern of all culture at its best. Eggs are good, omelets are [...]


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Packing Light is a new release title from Allison Vesterfelt. This is a powerful travel memoir full of restlessness, soul and spirit. The road is the journey, and this is where the real joy is found. It’s heartfelt, warm and full of wisdom. Her meandering voice is worthy companionship in this fifty-state journey. Vesterfelt’s handling of temporality and ambiguity is one of the things I most appreciate about the book. It’s written well with good humour, lots of detail, compelling descriptions and rich narrative. The big idea is found most clearly in the closing sentences:- “Your life is waiting. But [...]

silence explored

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Christianity has had a struggling relationship with silence. We have a wordy faith filled with volume that finds difficulty to accept anything less. Pascal wrote that "all of man's misfortunes come from one thing, which is not knowing how to sit quietly in a room". Diarmaid MacCulloch here charts this problematic and often contradictory relationship with power, sensitivity and insight in Silence: A Christian History. Expanded from a lecture series, it is intellectually weighty and without the prevarications and self-qualifications that sometimes spoil academic prose. Comfortingly, it's not overwhelmingly dense! The final quarter for me is the most applicable and provocative. MacCulloch explores the [...]


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I keep on reading and rummaging around discipleship. It remains the vine-centre. The most central thing. Here's some out-takes from a book called, Transformational Discipleship: How People Really Grow by the three-man team of Eric Geiger, Michael Kelley and Philip Nation. It's got plenty to offer, with the first-third of the book being particularly strong..... “Every person who has ever lived is a disciple…Everyone everywhere is a disciple of someone. Or something.” “Many churches equate discipleship with knowledge…The essence of discipleship is transformational not informational.” “From Judas we learn that knowledge about Christ alone does not result in true discipleship.” [...]


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OK never judge a book by its cover: but you're allowed to judge the cover right?! Sadly the ugliness of this book is unavoidable. Here we have a super little volume packed with fresh, creative and engaging faith. The likes of which rarely comes along, and is also worthy of your confidence for the neighbour, friend or colleague who isn't yet persuaded by Jesus. Strickland & Court write comprehensively with generous and faithful insight. Life, scripture and playfulness are entwined. They work with the original languages to dig deep and ask fresh questions of our faithful God. As is recorded [...]

faithful scriptural wisdom…..

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New Testament Wisdom For Everyone by NT Wright: from SPCK is 4 star goodness. Here's the brilliant Tom Wright on the timeless wisdom of some of the richest New Testament passages. His five pacey sections offer short, rich expositions.  It may be a small title but it packs a big punch!  Wright explains a few texts in an expository style with helpful anecdotes, strong word pictures  and meaningful applications. They are full of deeper devotional value. He restates the Bible not merely as a rule book but as a way of deepening an already secure relationship with Jesus.        This quote in particular [...]

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