go on*

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“Go on, but only buy what you need.” These are almost always the words, I hear if I’m heading to do the supermarket run. And my wife is right! Consumerism is not a pathway to joy and meaning in life. This isn’t new. We all feel it to be true. If specifically asked the question, nobody would ever say the secret to a joyful, meaningful life is to buy lots of stuff. Deep down, we know we were made for something bigger: something more significant than passing consumption. Nobody really believes happiness is directly tied to the number of things [...]

the transparency of ‘IF’

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Living a transparent life is a choice for all of us. Living behind a veil diminishes the fullness of life. Transparency gives power away; it invites openness and accountability. Initially it takes power, courage and confidence to release the darkness that prevents being transparent. Transparency on the global landscape is not an end in itself but a needful value towards the effectiveness of aid and justice for all. The ‘Enough’ IF campaign is a great coalition: yes a truly great coalition teaming together petition and practicalities in a demand for an ending to the scandal of hunger. Transparency will often [...]