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five on Friday

“We belong to a Kingdom, not of this world, though we are in it. May you be a constant reminder, a witness, of this other kingdom, this glorious and beautiful Kingdom where we are willing and obedient and joyful subjects……” Dorothy Day 1 Richard Beck on the tradition of hallowing 2 Put a woman behind the pulpit…..  3 […]

web goodies

questions that’ll help transform your marriage – from the brilliant Margaret Feinberg, Mary deMuth’s I love Jesus – writing, Steve Stockmans brilliant Belfast beatitudes in these troubled times, 7 Thoughts from a Recovering Pastor by Shaun King, character blemishes:- for self-examination, Will Mancini’s brilliant rationale for When It’s a Good Idea to Change Your Church’s Mission Statement, Driscoll’s 10 Marks of a Missional Church, Perry Noble’s 8 reasons some […]

web resources, found for you…

Death by meeting… resources to do them better!, Healthy intentions in church planting and pastoral ministry, William H. Willimon’s brilliant – Advice for New Pastors, The Essence of a Pastor – 5 different perspectives, 5 things Pastors hate to hear about their preaching!,  10 Discipleship Confusions Invading the Small Group World, ‘a wrong yoke?’ Chloe’s honest reflections, McCoy & Tripp on How to keep a […]

links and web learning….

Catalyst inspired – Authentic leadership living, ways to ruin your sermon: ‘cos it still is the most defining church-quality!? David Westlake on humility & development work, theological essay-writing wisdom and Tullian Tchividjian on divorce, suffering, grace & freedom.  Heartbreaking local church truth: from a pastor’s wife, Mumford & Sons gorgeous track: I will wait, when comparison replaces contentment, when happy trumps holy?, Tim Keller’s overview of reaching […]

resources that’ll change your world! (maybe)

Pastoral help – for a hospital visit, 300 word summary of the bible!, scriptures for every preacher: before, during & after a preach! great motive checker from Dave Kraft, how to read the bible from Jeff Bethke, Perry Noble on what ‘fried leadership’ looks like? & a stunning article from Paul Tripp on preaching thats more than mediocre! […]

webstuff (that’ll change your world!)

Jeff Haden’s genius article about characteristics of highly charismatic people: top class! Mancini’s great list of 10 top things learned from years of visioneering & NT Wright on how we dialogue theologically! Tony Morgan’s genuisly insightful reasons that churches get stuck…….a great letter for a discouraged pastor,….or almost anyone for hard days, missional questions, and Henri Nouwen on spiritual […]

things I’ve found around…..www

just a few goodies that grabbed me recently….. Enjoy! Behance: 99-percent change making ideas!,  a one-hour planning strategy resource: for better living?! Leadership notes: ‘Made to Stick!’ the book in 12-page summary, or 3-page summary!, battling spiritual restlessness, An excellent guide to meetings: there’s so much learning here!, How ideas get translated into reality is vital…99-conference brilliance […]

from around the web….

Technology and trends, spiritual metrics for transformation, rethinking how we present the gospel by Frank Viola, Productivity tips from Justin Wise, Seth Godin about the absence of applause, how grace motivates us, books and ownership, Viv Thomas’s leadership file, sadly-true values of a church in decline, Andrew Petersons – the silence of God, the most […]

web goodness

Boom to these great apologetics….from Einstein, this worship track is beautiful: Riddle & Bethel, Amazing spiritually healthy spirituality resources here from Pete Scazzero’s church, attentive listening to the spirit of the living God, the dangerous beautiful calling as Pastors, Dr MLJones wisdom….., why church hurts, Spiritual warfare by John Ortberg, a former-pastors regret, Together for the Gospel: […]

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