big words: big impact

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There are endless markings and scribbles in my already worn copy of Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp.* It's going to be a pastoral classic: with so much wisdom, understanding and challenge. The paragraph below is worth the entire book. I urge you to read it slowly:- It is only love for Christ that can defend the heart of the pastor against all the other loves that have the potential to kidnap his ministry. It is only worship of Christ that has the power to protect him from all the seductive idols of ministry that will whisper in his ear. It [...]

Pastors, we are to do this….

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Many things can call for our attention, but this what it's all about........ Pastors are called not just to preach exegetically correct and theologically precise sermons but also to pastor people, to walk, live, support and suffer with them. They are called to be more than local-church theological instructors; they are called to be Christ’s ambassadors, to be the look on his face, the touch of his hand, the tone of his voice. They need to feel the weight of being called to make an invisible Christ visible in the lives of people who desperately need to “see” his presence and [...]