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new year, fresh resolve…..

Donald Miller reveals that only 8% of new years resolutions are maintained. Here’s a great blog from him on this. And here are my stripped-down fewest ever resolutions for a new year: all clustered around the idea of lean! My 2013 resolves…… 1 More discipline and more delight 2 No book purchases 3 No clothes or shoe […]

Lenten changes….

this is a great place to start with some Lenten reflection, or perhaps these great Lent resources! so what are you thinking of this Lent…..? or are you like some of my purist-Calvinist friends, who live like its lent everyday!!? whats it gonna mean these 45-days before Easter……? something new, not something barred…..something affirmative, not just something […]

the discipline of time *outline

the fourth in our Sunday teaching series:- The Discipline of Time,… Exodus 20v8-11, Matthew 6v25-34 Discipline without direction is drudgery. Time scarity! Compulsions….? Exodus 20v10 i) Sabbath rest will give authentic enjoyment.                                                                   ii) Sabbath rest is for contrast.                                                                                              iii) Sabbath rest gives a glimpse of eternity in our time. Margin? / Procrastination?! /  Ecclesiastes 9:11, Proverbs […]

the discipline of bible reading *outline

from our new teaching series……my outline today… “Without discipline, there’s no life at all!” The Discipline of Bible Reading  Exodus 20 v 1-6, Psalm 119 v 97-112 1 The Command – Exodus 20 v 4 God’s no cosmic killjoy, but always for our good! 2 The Warning – Exodus 20 v 5 Idols will disappoint, […]

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