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by Walter Bruggemann "On Epiphany day, we are still the people walking. We are still people in the dark, and the darkness looms large around us, beset as we are by fear, anxiety, brutality, violence, loss — a dozen alienations that we cannot manage. We are — we could be — people of your light. So we pray for the light of your glorious presence as we wait for your appearing; we pray for the light of your wondrous grace as we exhaust our coping capacity; we pray for your gift of newness that will override our weariness; we pray [...]

for reflection…

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this epiphany.... Matthew 2 v 1-12. Questions for you, or your root group? 1 What is this epiphany season: 6th January through to 2nd February about for you? 2 What does the 900-mile journey of the Magi ask of you? 3 How are you going to grow in wisdom in the Holy Spirit? 4 Spacious living for you might look like what in 2013? 5 What focus is God impressing on you, in last few weeks?