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Today I’m getting to teach a lesser known female from bible history. And I’m excited as ever! Tabitha from Acts 9v31-42 in our church ‘Called to be’ teaching series. Here’s my teaching outline and the audio. Tabitha was also know as Dorcas. Acts 9v36 captures it all. Here’s three aspects of her life that are worthy […]

the sound of running water

here’s part of my Maundy Thursday talk,……. from John 13. Service must win out over success…… 1. Servanthood is a new way of thinking. Do we serve the Lord with gladness? Whatever you do for the least you do for Christ. 2. Servanthood is a new way of feeling. People don’t care how much you […]

ten things

they want in your church! Pastors, ministers, clergy: listen up Ten things church members desire in their pastor* Love of their congregation. Effective preaching. Strong character. Good work ethic. Clear attainable vision. Demonstrates healthy leadership. Joyous. Does not yield to critics. Transparent. Models evangelism. *Thom Rainer’s research findings

mother Mary

Meister Eckhart said it this way;- “We are all meant to be mothers of God, for God is always needing to be born.” In some circles, we are too cautious around the life and respect due to Mary in the Christmas story. I’ve bumped into readings this week that have confronted me with her unique place in […]

Uncle John’s daily prayer

John Stott passed away from this earthly scene late last year. He lived a unspectacular life, left a remarkable legacy and set a tremendous example of integrity and faithfulness to millions. As a nod to the life and memorial legacies of ‘Uncle John’, and because of having it fixed to my bathroom mirror for some time…..I share […]

why read Christian biographies

I’ve not read enough stories of life with Jesus recently, but am just about to loop around for more….. I love reading the stories of those God has used throughout history. The diversity of lives that God uses is staggering… for days when you struggle to feel that God is big and glorious: trace His hand […]

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