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Today I got that Luke 12 portion that looks full into the face of worry and how practical Jesus is in speaking about this. Fear refuses to trust God. I was challenged how much the perspective of our confidence in our heavenly father, our faith and the nature of our promised future should change everything! Here's my transcript notes, and the powerpoint slides... 

five on Friday

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"Sanctification" does not mean to try to sin less and less until you magically stop sinning some day. It simply means to become more and more aware of who lives inside you until it automatically spills over into everything you do.So how about you and I become more  aware of who lives inside you? 1 Missional resources. Top class videos and other V3 goodies. 2 Six fear killing questions. Yep, 'if failure were not a possibility, what would you want your life to achieve?' This is one of the favourites I've often returned too. 3 Creative cover letter writing. Some inspiration [...]

in the middle of the storm

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In our lectionary reading today Matthew 8 v 23-27, we meet the Messiah in the storm. The big idea for me is this:- No matter what the storm may be, Jesus will always see us through. This passage comforts us with the knowledge that there will always be storms. Experience and preparedness do not make us immune to the storms. Preparation is good; experience is wonderful, but storms will still come our way. Moreover, we also learn that storms in life can be fierce. The storms of life will shake us to our core and challenge us to the limit. This passage communicates that reaction [...]

fear gets beaten…..

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Some years ago Basil King wrote a book called, 'The Conquest of Fear.' He prefaced the book with these words: "When I say that during most of my life I have been the prey of fear, I take it that I am expressing the case of most people. I cannot remember the time when a dread of one kind or another was not in the air. In childhood it was the fear of going to bed; later it was the fear of school; later still a feeling of dismay at the amount of work to be done before night. And [...]

7 things I’m learning about fear

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in all sorts of ways, in all sorts of contexts, with all sorts of people...... 1. Don’t fear failing. Fear is not obeying. 2. Fear is a trickster. No-where and no-one on earth is beyond the reach of God. 3. All fear is but the notion that God’s love has an expiry date.  4. Your fears don’t decide your fate — your fears attack your faith. 5. We must do that which we know we cannot,......to prove that it’s our God who cannot fail! 6. Everything your Father has for you, is often over the fence of fear. Let God direct your life. 7. [...]

trust and fear

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Psalm 115:11 speaks out a potentially very strange thing! "You who fear him, trust in the LORD— He is their help and shield." ........What an odd contradiction. The Bible says to trust in the Lord. But it also says to fear the Lord. Trust and fear seem to be mutually exclusive. But if you really think about it, you can’t separate them. They’re not contradictory at all. If something’s more powerful than you, it’s something you fear. But it’s also something you can trust because how is it going to protect you if it’s not bigger than you? I don’t trust my children to protect me. They trust me. And [...]