living for Christ?

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Some outtakes or summary from Sunday’s talk with our church family……. From the brilliance of Jonathan Edwards – the puritan, not the triple-jumper! As a young adult mid 1800's – Jonathan Edwards set down on paper a series of thoughts and practices to help cultivate growth in grace. These resolutions are immense, and Edwards would re-read this list at least once a week to keep his mind focused and renewed. The result: A man of humble godliness, who was to become a significant spark used to ignite one of the greatest revivals known to history. Even many unbelieving scholars admit Edwards may [...]


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Jesus is what matters most...... Yet many things distract from this...... Matthew 4v19 says it plain in capturing the words of Jesus, "Follow Me!" When I was prepping, I read an old classic lengthy sermon transcript from CH Spurgeon. Here's some excerpts:-   "Every believer here wants to be useful. If he does not, I take leave to question whether he can be a true believer in Christ. Well, then, if you want to be really useful, here is something for you to do to that end:- "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."................The direction is very distinct [...]


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Lord Jesus Christ, you are the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end of all human history, and the Lord of all creation. Rouse our spirits to seek your Kingdom first in all that we do. Thank you that you say - Blessed are those who find their strength in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage. Give us deep joy and weighty hope in your word that we may never forget your promises nor stray from your ways.

seeking the prototype

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I tweeted more about this book than most! Here’s a fuller review……. God named Jesus, His beloved and Jesus believed. Jonathan Martin writes out of the overflow of this foundational truth. For identity is key. You and I are invited to defy fear, woundedness and apathy, in this startling and faithful repainting of what it means to follow Jesus. This is mostly memoir meets theology and a lot of challenge. This book will lead further into the beauty of Gods grace, away from striving and into greater trust! Martin is a wordsmith of the highest order with endless high impact [...]

looking back

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It's all of God's grace that we have come this far in the journey of life. We are thankful for God’s patience with us, for we have been given much. We have the time needed to learn and to grow and to fill out into all of God's best for us.  But listen to what Jesus says so firmly:- “‘No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God’” Luke 9 v 62 We need to exercise caution in the way we engage with our past. We wouldn’t have done the things we used to [...]

fear gets beaten…..

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Some years ago Basil King wrote a book called, 'The Conquest of Fear.' He prefaced the book with these words: "When I say that during most of my life I have been the prey of fear, I take it that I am expressing the case of most people. I cannot remember the time when a dread of one kind or another was not in the air. In childhood it was the fear of going to bed; later it was the fear of school; later still a feeling of dismay at the amount of work to be done before night. And [...]

why read Christian biographies

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I've not read enough stories of life with Jesus recently, but am just about to loop around for more..... I love reading the stories of those God has used throughout history. The diversity of lives that God uses is for days when you struggle to feel that God is big and glorious: trace His hand in the lives of others! There is no one personality type, ministry, approach, nor theological tribe God has been limited to. All of this serves to make much of God and birth fresh humility in us. Outside of the Bible, biographies of the people God has [...]

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