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"Most churches have not developed a good way of combining spiritual formation with missional living. That’s a capacity issue. It’s one thing to want to see your people move forward; it’s another to have the calling to actually move them forward. As the leader, you may be gifted to move into this personally, but if you don’t have a plan to baby step your people forward, your capacity is limited." Hugh Halter 1 Nine marks of an unhealthy church. DeYoung on a great list here. 2 Ways to alienate strangers from your local church. As if ideas are needed. 3 Kierkegaard's [...]


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as the year winds's been some of my what about yours? Five favourite fun moments: Walking with a church through pain and loss into a new and enduring knowledge of Gods love, Grenson vibram footwear gifts aka my new preaching shoes, sitting with others in the possibility and hope of new beginnings, the extended family goodness of eight of us holidaying in Florida and making sense of the calling of my life. Five favourite movies:  A thousand times good night, Captain Phillips, The fault in our stars, Parkland and Calvary. Five favourite tastes: The discovery of Keevil and Keevil beef, [...]

smiles from this week…..

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Group cycling, aka spinning is a reflection of the fall.....but it's working for me in a love-hate kind of way. The opposite of transformation is probably transaction. And we're made for so much more than this...... A church that tries to recruit, offering the details of 69 planned management mtgs per year, will understandably struggle to attract Acts 2 ministry. And the church that can't detail in a few sentences what it's looking for, won't help in producing a 36-page profile. Devil's Knot is a haunting movie, Simplify is classic Bill Hybel's wisdom, I want to have the gravel of the *new Leonard Cohen [...]

summers done

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And so as drizzle comes down. Here's a few snapshots from my mind. Humidity, sunshine and driving ease makes Florida kinda dreamy. Favourite t-shirt spotted: "you had me at bacon.' Disney is great.....but Universal won out for most of us. Chef was my favourite movie from what I saw over the summer weeks. And no I still haven't yielded to watching Frozen. Meditating on a few verses of scripture still wins out for me. The American can-do mentality is mostly great! Riding roller coasters was so enjoyed for the first time in my life. The Hulk was the best of what Orlando [...]

lenten life

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....sobriety is killing... it's a stunning truth! It's all too painfully visible at times..... so go-on...... I dare you behave as a child, this lenten season. Jesus says that children are at home in the kingdom of God. And so He wants adults to be childlike. What could be more fun than that! This is your the invitation to let the child within out to play. The child in you is naïve, impulsive, direct, simple, trusting, vulnerable, unsophisticated and unpretentious. Jesus tells us that this is a really most important part of who we are. If the inner child does not thrive then [...]


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Here's some new finds I'm enjoying this week...... John 15 again and again, with Richard's brilliant new blog arrival: Seasoned with Grace. Kester Brewin's free-access provocative new book, Mutiny Jon Thurlow's IHOP infused worship sounds: a bunch of tracks here Time-use and productivity, in a new landscape. A few articles worth a look. Creative goodness from around the nation, courtesy of Lego-man, as below! Fun stuff. Emily's moving global and local exploration of what's safe? And in the reading mix, the timeless gentile punch of CS Lewis:- "If you want a religion to make you feel really comfortable I certainly don't [...]

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