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Here's some of the many parts that didn't make it into today's preach...... Gerald May, a brilliant Christian psychiatrist wrote this;- "Honesty before God requires the most fundamental risk of faith we can take: the risk that God is good and that God loves us unconditionally. It is in taking this risk that we rediscover our dignity. To bring the truth of ourselves, just as we are, to God, just as God is, is the most dignified thing we can do in this life." Brennan Manning said it this way:- "The Christian community resembles a Wall Street exchange of works [...]

the beautiful fruit

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of despair! "In the early years of life, giving up usually takes the form of faith, a leaping forward into the belief that one is loved, accepted, forgiven and redeemed just as one is, with nothing special needing to be done. In later years, giving up more often comes from despair, from the wisdom that no amount of continuing effort, no amount of fixing, will enable one to 'get it all together.' Despair then is forever a doorway into life." Gerald May Despair is a forever a doorway into life! *boom! the beautiful new chapel at Cuddeson College

‘choosing’ God

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*by Gerald May "God refuses to be an object for attachment because God desires full love, not addiction. Love born of true freedom, love free from attachment, requires that we search for a deepening awareness of God, just as God freely reaches out to us. In addition, full love for God means we must turn to God over and against other things. If our choice of God is to be made with integrity, we must first have felt other attractions and chosen, painfully, not to make them our gods. True love, then, is not only born of freedom; it is [...]