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Death by meeting… resources to do them better!, Healthy intentions in church planting and pastoral ministry, William H. Willimon’s brilliant – Advice for New Pastors, The Essence of a Pastor – 5 different perspectives, 5 things Pastors hate to hear about their preaching!,  10 Discipleship Confusions Invading the Small Group World, ‘a wrong yoke?’ Chloe’s honest reflections, McCoy & Tripp on How to keep a […]

web goodness, worth a look!

Silly stuff Christians say!, Margaret Feinberg’s great open letter to everyone over-40 who has left the church, Matthew Henry’s brilliant thinking about pastoral moves: staying or going, Rick Warren’s crash-course in spiritual maturity, RSA creative shorts: Jonah Lehrer – does brainstorming work?, Susan Cains: extroverts and introverts need each other, Does traditional church have to get broken?, […]

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Stephen Brewster on staying creative for free, Andrew Zahn’s 10-commandments for the creatives,  Seth Godin’s genius about overstimulation, Ten reasons people resist change, Developing a disciple-making culture: 3Dm resources, Ten signs of a healthy team – from Perry Noble and 4 down-sides of perfectionist pastors! Missional living in our complex world: at least six angles on it, L’Abri resources have endless […]

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Strategic, joyful, articulate, humble, hard-working, grateful & innovative are the qualities of prevailing church leadership! Top article & a truly enduring challenge……. 4 pointers towards less stress in ministry….and ministry-aholic reflection & questions here The local church can be tasteful: architecture award for west London church! Some essentials of successful church planting…. A really worthy busyness article, for […]

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