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rooted deeply

Trees that grow tall have deep roots. Great height without great depth is dangerous. The great leaders of this world were all people who could live with profile, influence, and power with humility because of their spiritual rootedness. Without deep roots we easily let others determine who we are. But as we cling to our popularity, we may lose […]

the discipline of living truthfully *outline

Exodus 20 v 16 The Discipline of Living Truthfully      Without discipline there is no life at all! Speak well, good and true! Authenticity The mandate of Jesus:- Grace & Truth! Ephesians 4:15 Truth is the pathway to emotional health 1 Truth evidences a change in your life. Colossians 3:9-10 2 Truth provides protection for you. […]

three words…

….have ruined me! Matthew 4v19 speaks it out:- The invitation of Jesus….to ‘Come Follow Me!’ It was great to serve Mission Year yesterday and here’s some of what I shared! DD here, Photography by James. A new sustainable wave of depth and health in Jesus is needed……..nothing less!


one of the big words for me in 2012 is ‘joy’…..I’ve felt the call to this stirring for a while and am rummaging with this in my reading and study times….so here’s a working list of how I’m seeking to live this out! Express gratitude. Cultivate optimism. Avoid over-thinking and kill comparisons! Practice kindness. Nurture […]

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