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Here's some lyrics that really caught me again this week. Oldies but so true. "Wonderful grace,  That gives what I don't deserve, Pays me what Christ has earned, Then lets me go free. Wonderful grace, That gives me the time to change, Washes away the stains That once covered me. And all that I have I lay at the feet Of the wonderful Saviour Who loves me. Wonderful love, That held in the face of death, Breathed in its latest breath Forgiveness for me. Wonderful love, Whose power can break every chain, Giving us life again Setting us free." John Pantry [...]

be still my soul…

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I have patterns that help me better follow Jesus. Occasionally I rummage through some of the older books on my shelves. I like to flick through old hymn books and often God guides me to something that sticks. God grabbed me through this hymn. It felt like it just punched me in the gut as I sat in my cold, morning study room chair. Might you sit quietly with this beautiful hymn/poem? Would you let it shape you. Let it comfort and still your soul........and let it mould a prayer of response to our triune God? "Be still, my soul: the Lord is on [...]