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Alongside and distinct from growing homegroups I've been so encouraged by increased life-on-life discipleship. We're nurturing that in triplets and they're motoring! New combinations, unlikely combinations and kingdom combinations are popping up in surprising ways. Here's why I think they matter.... Up-close discipleship invites everyone to bear his or her weight. It nurtures self-leadership and growth in accountable ways. We want what God desires in his church, and that's spectators! Spiritual health comes through hunger and engagement. And simply put, prayer takes us to a pure place. Passive consummation and low-level silliness are diminished, when we sit with others and [...]


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A good conductor does not merely tell everyone what to do; rather they help others hear what might be. For this to become possible, they are not primarily a telling but a listening individual: even while the orchestra is performing loudly they are listening inwardly to silent music. They're not so much commanding as obedient… The conductor conducts by being conducted. First hearing, feeling, and being lost in the silent music; then when they know what it is, they enable others to hear it too. Music is not made people playing instruments, but rather by music playing people..... ....what is the sound you are feeling....? .....what [...]


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is one of the bible discoveries that's still lingering on with me. So here's some more of the content from last weekends talk that's producing good things in me. The consistent indicator of the impact of a passage on me, is always. I end up talking through ideas from my talks in my conversation with others in the days after. Let love fuel all you do and your world will be changed. Peter Ustinov said it brilliantly:- "Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit." Agape draws its meaning directly from the revelation of [...]

five on Friday

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"Secular liturgies capture our hearts by capturing our imaginations and drawing us into ritual practices that 'teach' us to love something very different from the kingdom of God." JKA Smith Desiring the Kingdom. 1 William Borden's epic life impact: 'no reserve, no retreat and no regret' summarised well & briefly.  2 So when a staff member leaves, how to approach it? A great summary here. 3 Jo Swinney's great five-point reminder about slowing down. Needful. 4 Emily's beautiful writing about the challenges of living 'poor'. 5 Essential time management hacks. We can all improve, right!?  

my thank-you….

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I attended one of those rare unforgettable Saturday day conferences. Unforgettable because so often investing a Saturday day-block is not rewarded. Unforgettable because the lead input hosted by Renovare was from a man I'd so appreciated in books and podcasts, but never before met in real life. Julie and I went south of the river here in London town and found ourselves inspired and humbled by Dallas Willard's input. Amongst the many wise words, the genius and gracious replies to questions, there was a tangible godliness manifest through it all. His teaching straddled more disciplines than most with brilliance, humility and grace. Dallas Willard [...]

imitating Jesus

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and John Wimber's take on it.... “Our passion is to imitate the ministry of Jesus in the power of the Spirit. This requires we must follow Jesus out of baptismal waters, through our personal deserts, and into the harvest. We want to take the ammunition of the balanced evangelical theology with the fire power of Pentecostal practice, loading & readying the best of both worlds to hit the target of making & nurturing disciples…”

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