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Justin Buzzards, great article on hot monogamous sex.....grace and honesty about everybody reading porn: David Cooke & CS Lewis, brilliantly reply...... Stephen Covey's memorial legacy for effectiveness....8 reminders about handling conflict in work or church - get it about email!? and, BRILLIANT practical ways to invite people into disciple-making relationships! 7 poor communication skills to avoid!?, 7 secrets that pastors refuse to tell!, the free-gift of GIMP photo-editing, Mark Driscolls 5 things to ask, when you read your bible. Tips for talking with others about Jesus.....go on be courageous! Michael Hyatt's reasoning behind, the value of working for a bad boss and his poignant logic for keeping a [...]

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Making it too easy or raising the bar, Spirit-empowered gospel-driven faith-fuelled efforts by Kevin DeYoung, 10-ways to be a follower, Brand-alley for shopping goodness!, Easter goodness in the resurrection, Leadership manifesto from Resurgence, Manifesto-making wisdom from Mark Powley, Facebook friendship reflections by Tim Chester, 21 things other people don't do!?, The importance (and beauty) of perseverance, Supersimbo's call to man-up, A non-designers guide to fonts, Rick Warrens appreciation of John Stott, Gerard Kelly's beautiful & broken essay,  Martyn Lloyd-Jones resources now all available free-online, What on earth is evangelical these days...?, One of the Best Sermons on Missions You’ll Ever Hear by [...]

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Gloriously creative internet factoids - iphones exceeding population growth!?, lots of learning here on how to run good meetings...., romance till death come knocking...., the oldest couple on earth give advice!, five regrets about dying: guardian article goodness, it takes a whole church to raise a child, ways to destroy your marriage: motivation not-too?!, Patrick Leconini's meeting leadership advice, the dangers of pastoral celebrity.....,writing advice from the brilliant Mary deMuth, a tale of two bishops, Alistair Begg on the secret of being useful to God!, principles for leading young pastors!, the value of doing one-thing-at-a-time,...none of this multi-tasking!!?, an academic reflection on John [...]

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....from around the web....... Shockingly but there's gonna be more smartphones than humans by year-end!, moving and truthful regrets faced in this life, Brick Lane will soon be missing all it's phonetic-paviours: it's Olympic asphalt time!?,  Swanson's unwritten rules, Homemade Donor Kebab making....your recipe is here!, seven marriage wisdom truths, fancy this kind of creation diving adventure?!, 12 things leaders cant do via Perry Noble, 'The Church is the impact of Jesus in the world!' so says, +Stephen Chelmsford - A time for talking address, The Wedding Project within the Church of the England, Francis Chan - his Basic Prayer new [...]

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Inspiration maybe...but only Jesus transforms!, Krish and Jon dialogue on a hype or hope-filled generation?: haunting stuff, biased I may be but Neils creation for John 15 - life on the vine is top:class! why on earth do we shoot our wounded? a lack of faith and life is part of my experience, a place for questions to be posed: provoketive, Emma Scriveners angle on dangerous drifting, what God thinks of the theology we write: brilliant!, God Gazer by Malcolm Duncan, Great leadership if it weren't for the people?!, Fear is everywhere I look - Blaine says brilliantly, Chloe's record of a joyful Friday, Martin's moving blog record of being 'grounded', Henri Nouwens 8-pt talk on Life of the Beloved, Non-stop Jesus stuff, John [...]

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Sugguestions on finishing well, it's not about event groupies but disciples! a great (this-week!!) local London church replant, great diary planning free online device: doodle!, some reasons leaders fail, iPhone helps and resources, leadership with the right & wrong people?, Jesus plus nothing + everything!, the best way to read? - according to CS Lewis!, computer storage resources, Feinberg's worst ideas for leadership growth!, the heart is at stake with whatever we do or don't do with forgiveness, Gordon MacDonalds take on Steve Job's soul, the faith and social media, church as a place of refuge?, a small group list of questions?, the joy of [...]

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I get less confused by this London tube map!,  curious shop window messaging, 10 things fear causes, good reads on gender in ministry, Pharisees are (sadly) still alive, Mark Meynell's place for John Stott resources, Emma Scriveners Get out of a rut!, What does it mean - to please God?, Some dangers of complaining, 30seconds of John 3 v 16 said with childlike conviction, Comment on Mr Driscoll and the recent transatlantic culture-clash, Brilliant lent-resources accompanying Mark Powley's original & brilliant book, Writing advice and book excerpts, Bill Hybels speaking powerfully and authentically about the beauty of the local church on [...]

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....some of my favourite bits from the last week around the web... Leadership mistakes's from Michael Hyatt, ways that nurture gratefulness in our children, a great TED talk: Brene Brown about vulnerability, productivity brilliance about why you're not getting stuff done!, Intent doesn’t win:- finishing wins, esp. when it comes to getting things done!, Unrealistic marriage relationship expectations inc. great Tim Keller quote, why I hate religion, but love Jesus, How to welcome church visitors - comedic youtube help,  This is discipleship - clear - simple and challenging, Two timeless musical old-favourites - make my life a prayer for you and Rich Mullin's - Hold [...]

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Alan Hirsch on Disciple-making, where to post your social-media stuff!? great article on how clutter can kill creativity! Q-idea's 10 culture-shaping moments of the last year, a great audio on skipping new years resolutions and productivity?! Mike Breen on 10 trends for the next 10 years, some of the most beautiful libraries in the world! Kansas church planting inspiration, best free fonts from the last year, Rick Warren's best 2012 advice, wide-eyed wonder..... what coffee actually does, London seen another way! top theology stories of 2011, If Starbucks ‘marketed’ like church, ways Satan tries to spoil the church, logical right?!, life without facebook ok…?!, in the battle for meaningful [...]