God’s Beloved

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During last Sunday’s talk from Luke 3 we saw that after Jesus is baptised and at prayer, the Holy Spirit descends upon Him and the Heavenly Father declares Him to be his Son as well as Servant. “Heaven was opened.” The baptism opens communication with heaven, that is, with God. Being earthbound is no longer a barrier. This is why faith in Jesus is so beautifully important. As God’s children we have instant access to him and his grace. Jesus underwent baptism not because he sinned, as we do, and needed forgiveness, but because he identified so much with us [...]

12 steps to being brave!

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1. Go to the desert...... 2. Dress strangely. Live the message. 3. Eat weird....but maybe not vegan!? 4. Be humble, clear and holy. 5. Preach in the desert..... extra-odd!. 6. Proclaim repentance,....... the radical kind of message where people actually live differently as a result! 7.  Preach Jesus – the counter-cultural Jesus, Lamb of God, Saviour of the world, bringer of hope. 8. Make disciples. 9. Give, teach, equip and give your best away. 10. Pray, worship, repeat….and repent. 11. Argue, question, wrestle and submit to Jesus. 12. Do some jail time, suffer and live by the maxim:- “He must [...]