How watching Arsenal…..

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....reminds me of the local church. Tonight our date night had a twist: with unused tickets for the Emirates thanks to my brother-in-law, Julie and I shared time in the North Stand, willing on a win for Julie's team. Thanks honey!  Here's some parallels that struck me afresh....  Anticipation and approach can be full of optimism and loyalty. The pace in both settings can be variable and too pedestrian at times.....and it can get cold! There's not enough consistency to warrant brilliance, at what we're called to be. The language can be technical and at times colourful! The options and possiblities [...]

looking forward

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to the summer,.... to our wedding day, and life together with Julie esp! There's a few details to sort....ok, lots and lots to plan!! , en route to married gladness, via jewellry malfunctions elsewhere we created some kind of bespoke wonderful with the talented Michelle Krause. Top reccomend,......She's just recently written up our story a little, so here goes! This is the ring that resulted and we couldn't be happier!