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hard times…

this Lent, right?! Many of my friends think Lent is depressing and unnecessary. ‘We’ve been set free from our sin; it’s not healthy to dwell on my sinfulness,’ they say. For that is what Lent is: sitting with our sinfulness and struggle much longer than we may be comfortable. Yet without taking a hard look at […]

Prayer for 1st Sunday in Lent

Jesus may we follow you on the pilgrim way of Lent, May we journey with you into the wilderness, Willing to move beyond the ordinary, So that we can discover your unexpected sacred places. Jesus may we wash our hands and purify our hearts, Learning to thirst after righteousness and hunger after justice, May we […]

Lenten changes….

this is a great place to start with some Lenten reflection, or perhaps these great Lent resources! so what are you thinking of this Lent…..? or are you like some of my purist-Calvinist friends, who live like its lent everyday!!? whats it gonna mean these 45-days before Easter……? something new, not something barred…..something affirmative, not just something […]

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