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by Walter Bruggemann "On Epiphany day, we are still the people walking. We are still people in the dark, and the darkness looms large around us, beset as we are by fear, anxiety, brutality, violence, loss — a dozen alienations that we cannot manage. We are — we could be — people of your light. So we pray for the light of your glorious presence as we wait for your appearing; we pray for the light of your wondrous grace as we exhaust our coping capacity; we pray for your gift of newness that will override our weariness; we pray [...]


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The pattern of Christmas Eve brings us close again to the beauty and mystery of John 1 v 1-14. For ‘in the beginning was the Word.’ In the beginning was communication. God's unspoilt desire that we might know each other. God is always in communion. Three in one, infinite and personal ; sharing in love and in the joy of creation. Welcoming, vulnerable, loving…….God. The Word is made flesh and lives with us. Here. If you have been sold a dream of Christmas, you haven’t heard the whole story. The Word is eternally God. The Word is equally God. The [...]

a prayer for the darkness

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from the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa, NZ. We wait in the darkness, expectantly, longingly, anxiously, thoughtfully. The darkness is our friend. In the darkness of the womb, we have all been nurtured and protected. In the darkness of the womb the Christ-child was made ready for the journey into light. It is only in the darkness that we can see the splendour of the universe – blankets of stars, the solitary glowings of the planets. It was the darkness that allowed the Magi to find the star that guided them to where the Christ-child lay. In the darkness of the [...]

a prayer

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Jesus, we’re tired. So tired. Forgive us for letting the craziness of December crowd out Your voice. Please, please renew the thirsty places in our lives. Help us to drink deeply of You when we feel spiritually parched. Give us a new perspective of You as we head into the new year. Help us become an anticipating people, those who stand on tiptoes waiting to see You move.Help us become a welcoming people who let You into even the darkest crevices of our lives. Shine, Jesus, shine. Forgive us for loving the darkness more than loving You. Amen. *artwork from the talented Nat Blooms