a little while, away….

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Coming aside in stillness and solitude for a few days is always good......! You have to slow down in order to go further! Doing less, and reducing the volume, to listen and learn of God...is always right, timely and good! "The wise man comes to God without saying a word and stands in awe of Him.” - Francis Chan in Crazy Love Am going to sit and wait in silence for a few days before my priesting this Saturday afternoon. God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of that prayer! With God and with others. In Him, always [...]

Elijah & the still small voice….

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I got grabbed by 1 Kings 19 while preaching on something else on Sunday past,….. Here's some notes from what I shared with some of our leaders today. What is the shape of God’s hand in Elijah’s life….? Here are at least three lessons from God’s silence in the storm in Elijah’s life….. I. God lets life humble us (v1- 4). Elijah was riding the crest of a victory. Then was threatened. It was all happening…….. so whatever, don’t be beaten up by life! Elijah felt dejected: he felt hypocritical, and so rough that he wished his life away. Life can make us [...]

9 ways I hear from God!

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One of the questions I get asked lots, is this:- How do I hear and better know God? So here's a working list of things that help me hear the the still small voice of the Spirit more clearly.   1 I hear God better after I've confessed my sin and struggles.  Confession gets rid of the static. Just as earwax is to hearing, so is confession to the soul. 2 I hear God better when I'm worshipping Him.  Worship is one way I tune into God's frequency: His nudges, words, scriptures, echoes & revelation. 3 I hear God better after I've read [...]