five on Friday

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"Many Christians estimate difficulty in the light of their own resources, and thus they attempt very little and they always fail........... All giants have been weak men who did great things for God because they reckoned on His power and presence to be with them!" Hudson Taylor 1 Liz on the dangerous game of ministry comparison. 2 Nick writes, We are not our failures.... 3 Things no one tells you when you get married! 4 Habits to learn early. Valued choices. 5 Neil Cole on more than a one-hour meeting! 


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another clutch of favourite reads and these sage words from Thomas a Kempis, "Let this be thy whole endeavour, this thy prayer, this thy desire, that thou be stripped of all selfishness, and with entire simplicity follow Jesus only." 1 James KA Smith and his remarkable cultural exegesis 2 A kindled heart and other preaching counsel from Kevin De Young 3 Leading for the love of Jesus, and regularly checking motivation! 4 Marriage and being that 'right person'?  5 Searing social media challenges and when to walk away

five on Friday

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"Pay attention to the things that bring a tear to your eye or a lump in your throat because they are signs that the holy is drawing near." Frederick Buechner 1 Emma Scrivener's helpful Jesus prescription. Compelling and clear. 2 Five ways to kill your partner and ruin your marriage. Important stuff. 3 Advent searching....."Keep digging until you find you’ve dug deep into the heart of God." 4 David Fitch's reflections from around the table. Insightful. 5 A great grab of Alan Hirsch's missional thinking.... Worth watching.

five on Friday

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“My secret is that I need God—that I am sick and can no longer make it alone. I need God to help me give, because I no longer seem to be capable of giving; to help me be kind, as I no longer seem capable of kindness; to help me love, as I seem beyond being able to love.” Douglas Coupland 1 Malcolm Gladwell on criticism, tolerance and changing your mind. Brilliant stuff.  2 "The more you work in the future, the less competition you will have." David Hieatt learnings and lessons. 3 Mining and refining, from Paul Tripp's world. Really helpful stuff. 4 [...]

looking forward

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to the summer,.... to our wedding day, and life together with Julie esp! There's a few details to sort....ok, lots and lots to plan!! , en route to married gladness, via jewellry malfunctions elsewhere we created some kind of bespoke wonderful with the talented Michelle Krause. Top reccomend,......She's just recently written up our story a little, so here goes! This is the ring that resulted and we couldn't be happier!