five on Friday

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John Wesley, the great evangelist, said, “Give me a hundred persons who fear nothing but God, hate nothing but sin and are determined to know nothing among men but Jesus Christ and him crucified, and I will set the world on fire with them.” 1 Samuel Lane's worship ministry is so very helpful - enjoy this.  2 Habit formation is vital to pastoral ministry - a TED talk perspective 3 Mary deMuth is a helpful voice and here's her writing wisdom 4 Attractional church is not enough, it has to be about mission! 5 The ministry of presence and the Church [...]

five on Friday

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"Sanctification" does not mean to try to sin less and less until you magically stop sinning some day. It simply means to become more and more aware of who lives inside you until it automatically spills over into everything you do.So how about you and I become more  aware of who lives inside you? 1 Missional resources. Top class videos and other V3 goodies. 2 Six fear killing questions. Yep, 'if failure were not a possibility, what would you want your life to achieve?' This is one of the favourites I've often returned too. 3 Creative cover letter writing. Some inspiration [...]

five on Friday

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"We must remember that the key to Christian obedience is not non-conformity but conformity...Paul elsewhere and in Romans 12 is more interested in helping us faithfully discern what it means not to be different from the world, but to be like Christ." John Howard Yoder. 1 Managing the charismatic-missional tension. Brilliantly painted here. 2 Assurance is vital, but arrogance is a really ugly trait. Here's a great read on holding wisely in ministry. 3 What effective pastors do with their time. And yes it involves real people outside of the 'bubble!' 4 Alain Emerson's powerful testimony of suffering and loss. And [...]

five on Friday

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“Our Father, You come seeking fruit. Teach me, I pray You, to realise how truly this is the one object of my existence, and of my union to Christ” Andrew Murray 1 Performing never changes anything. Real does, because discipleship matters. 3DM great content here.  2 Alex Absalom on the missional church and weekend services. Really helpful stuff. 3 Three learning points from Andy Stanley's communication techniques. A useful overview here.  4 Pastoral concern for all the churches. Pastoral realities and burden. 5 "Jesus spoke clearly, confidently, personally and gently with no hint of manipulation." Krish K engages evangelism well. 


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As ever a privilege to serve a breadth of churches tonight, in their interest and engagement with their local communities. Knowing how to plant ideas that reach across boundaries, know cultural sensitivity, biblical rootedness and some anecdotal life as well as Holy Spirit anointing is always a medium-sized ask, esp. with a group of strangers! God was so gracious..... Here's ++Justin's presidential address that speaks to human flourishing. Some timeless words from Dietrich Bonhoeffer in 'Life Together' that really excited me. "The more genuine and deeper our community becomes, the more will everything else between us recede, the more clearly and purely [...]

six postures…

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for healthy missional community life.......? Listening: We desire to be attuned to God, to self, and to our neighborhood. Submerging: We desire to embody Jesus in our neighborhood while participating in an apprenticing community. Inviting: We desire to grasp the depth of God’s invitation to kin gdom life and to become more inviting and invited people while welcoming our neighbors into God’s redemptive story. Contending: We desire to confront the things that hinder the full expression of the kingdom of God, both spiritual and natural, in our community, among our friends and neighbors, and in our city. Imagining: We desire to discern God’s intent on our [...]