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another day?

Peter and John had been in the forefront of ministry but they weren’t alone. As soon as they were released from prison, they returned to the other believers. This Acts 4 v 23-31 passage has provoked me over the last few days. Who do you and I go to when things get tough? Simply put:- some days […]


Some things from the life of Jesus, from my rummage in the gospels this week. Four things, not a preach here. Just an intriguing pattern worthy of our attention. 1 Jesus spent time enjoying long meals with people. 2 Jesus went to lots of parties with people. 3 Jesus spent time going on long walks with people. 4 […]

STW 2.ix.2012

I still love making my bride her first cuppa of the day! Still giggling that my ebay trading yesterday was more unspectacular that the transfer deadline the day before! Humbled again at the challenge of holding out the word of life: Choosing God, means choosing people!  This is a call to inconvenience:- To love God unreservedly, to […]

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