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This plant matters, to me. It’s got a story. It’s a memory-maker. It’s a little part of God’s promise to me. Tending it’s has been part of my routine, from way before this to now……. It’s a visual of John 15 and more. Enjoy the glimpse into our back yard…..


The restart after annual leave is always a little brutal. The routines so different. The watch is back on my wrist. The pressures real and the to-do-list, too large! So what is it thats swirling around…… Sometimes you learn most when the heat is on! Unavoidable. Not desired: but true….. Great times sitting with a […]


“He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3 v 30 God delights to increase the faith of His children. We begin by faith, we live by faith, and we grow by faith. Instead of wanting no trials before victory we must be willing to take from God’s hand the trials, obstacles, difficulties, and sometimes […]


times with my Noah & Esther around and about. Such a treat and the delight of doing life at a different speed-setting. Eating, laughing and chatting incessantly.  Going back continually to get free samples of Cinnamon and Sugar pretzels! Entering a – build the car the fastest- competition. We made the scoreboard, but didn’t win.  […]

day-off goodness

things that were good about my Friday. a lazy non-alarm-clock start to the day……amen! catching up on the world, via my copy of the church times. Ancient-future, sort-of! making cups of tea for my poorly wife. having a giggle with my sister on the phone, as her three gorgeous children navigate our childhood home! a […]

more grace!

You (probably) know I am a fan of grace, I’m won by grace, wooed and transformed by grace …. “Grace is something you can never get but only be given. The grace of God means something like: Here is your life. You might never have been, but you are because the party wouldn’t have been complete without […]

some of my Christmas…

……in reply to my cyberpal supersimbo’s invitation, this was some of my Christmas. It involved far too much pace, perhaps not enough quiet and medium amounts of gluttony! More home-making adventures with Julie: and real-tree goodness. The three-meat Christmas roast was particularly good! Just-about recovery from all the pre-Christmas services: overdosing particularly on singing ‘Silent […]

fun facts….

from my world……. I’m surely no athlete, but only drink red top milk. I only follow less-than-200 twitter peeps on purpose! I enjoy great chocolate but still default to common-old-popping Terry’s Chocolate Orange! I get mildly ocd about the toilet roll coming from the top, not….. you get it?! Reading books still necessitates real books […]


…..from my Noah & Esther and having them around for a precious few days! They’ve got a great take on things – so here’s some of their truths!  Not so much a six-pack, as a fat-pack! Daddy you have many talents,….. but singing isnt one of them You’re the best even with the curly hair!? You […]

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