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We need to consistently get more intimately acquainted with Holy Spirit, but most importantly when our awareness, enjoyment and familiarity with him is more nostalgic than dynamic. 1 Krish Kandiah's vision of an apostolic church. Compelling stuff. 2 Some of the clearest productivity insight. Six tips for everyday! 3 "Power and authority in the here and now is temporary, but love and kindness, this is for the here, now, and later… it’s eternal." Evangelicalism redefined, by Andy Gill.  4 Pastoral health and longevity, Winfield Bevins take on this.. 5 Negotiating with others. Really clear stuff, and a bonus if you're a control freak with your missing summer [...]


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"The Messiah wrapped in a servant’s grimy towel is not giving up power. He is restoring it to its original purpose, cleansed of its distortions—the power to love a lovely and loveless world to the uttermost. None of his power is reserved for carefully guarding privilege or meticulously accounting for status; every bit of it is poured into this one end." From Andy Crouch's, brilliant 'Playing God' p166.


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....from one of my early 2014 reads, Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power by Andy Crouch It's crunchy content, navigating often caricatured ideas. Power is a gift, and that's the central and controversial idea unpacked.  Here's my favourite quote for now! "The grand pattern of creation is good, to very good, to glory! Nature is good. Culture – human beings acting with creativity and care upon the good gifts of the natural world – is very good. Grain is good – but bread is very good. This is the essential pattern of all culture at its best. Eggs are good, omelets are [...]


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Today’s gospel reading is from Matthew 15 v 29-39. It’s the intriguing and lesser known feeding of the four thousand. With lots that is distinctive and inspiring. It's challenged me again about the trustworthiness of God's word. It's called me back to God's heart for difference, outsider and those not inclined to our way of thinking. Jesus brings a unique welcome, capacity and love. This is an invitation to encounter the compassion and miraculous power of Jesus today. Jesus displaying practical love and commitment to all people groups. Anticipation meets compassion. Need finds provision. Unbelief gets challenged. Confidence in God [...]