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inspiring discipleship

Willow Creek UK are hosting a great conference in February exploring discipleship, with some of the best global voices around. Seriously consider attending. But anyhow, in advance as part of the preparations, they’re wanting to gather up quoteable quotes about discipleship. So what are yours….? Consider contributing yours directly here. Here are some of my favourites….. […]

charts rarely move me

….to tears but this one did! just, what did we do? what happened… heart screams, why did this have to happen!? “If the gospel is about transformation, how is it that two thousand years of proclamation have had so little effect? How is it that the gospel of Jesus Christ, so far from producing radical change, […]

seven web specials

rather than excessive links, too many or too overwhelming…. here’s a few church leadership goodies, I’ve shortlisted for you….. 1 Challies quite stunning: visual theology – make sure to take a look! 2 Mike Breen’s ‘how to be a disciple: that makes disciples!’ – priority!? 3 Steve Sjogrens’ 12 resolutions about church planting …..simply brilliant!  4 Clarity, leadership and […]

Learning & growing

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