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In any creative enterprise there are risks, and false-starts resulting in glorious and rare fruit, often unseen elsewhere. Manchester has known the gift of the Message Trust, and God's honour has been seen in the mix of this gritty, consistent movement of changed lives. The unrelenting faith of a life sent on purpose is portrayed in inspiring terms here. The parallel pathway of Isaiah and northern mission finds rootedness in the pursuit of God, holiness, service and transformation in this world. Scripture, stories, creativity and journal space give this new title and range of publications, lots of capacity to inspire ongoing [...]

conference takeaways

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Though I'm not at the Willow Creek, Global Leadership Summit I've often appreciated their input. Here's some snippets and appreciated best-bits already from these sessions last week in Chicago. Here too is a three minute video clip of the best bits! from Andy Stanley "The local church is the activity of God here on earth." "When Jesus said He would build His church He meant it. It's exactly what He did and is exactly what He is doing" "Our Saviour will build His church whether we participate or not. What's your decision? Are you in?" from Henry Cloud "The opposite of bad [...]

web goodness

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Michael Hyatt's inimitable blog-writing-wisdom, creative meeting culture: some stimulis, visual and phonetic vowel goodness!, Theology & twitter meet,.....brilliantly defined here by Steve Holmes, Maundy Thursday Chrism service details here from St Pauls with moving ordination recommittments, you're rescued for more than being nice! Thats not enough - aim for risk & faith!, Humility, perspective & hope are vital results of remembering with gratitude, racially segregated church life, Cornel West on an examined life,  Krish's encouraging reminder of the importance (and beauty) of the local church, a reborn Church of England for the nation(s)?, Is mission really just self-love? and Life, faith and growth in [...]