the tragic gap

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I recently watched this brilliant video (anything with Parker Palmer is just great!) Here were the three questions that I've wrestled with since… (1) When your life gets out of balance, do you usually swing to damaging cynicism or escapist idealism? (2) What circumstances or decisions tend to push you in this direction? (3) What practices help you stay grounded, standing in 'the tragic gap?' This tragic gap is such a beautifully simple, yet profoundly difficult tension to live in. But as Palmer says, giving in to either extreme “takes you right out of the game”. Any thoughts?

the distance?

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At the start of this new year these words are ringing in my ears, “He is not far from any one of us.” What is the distance between you and God? Not far. So many of us have been told of the chasm between Holy God and sinful man, and I’m sure that’s true in some respect. Yet Paul spoke these Acts 17 words to people who did not care whether Paul’s God was real or not. He spoke to pagans with no regard for the holiness of God and no awareness of their own sin. He told them that [...]