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Go on. Lead with a yes. Trust people. Encourage people. Nurture the best in everyone you come across. Believe that everyone wants to make a difference in the world. Every believer is a potential church planter. Everyone is a minister and a missionary. The first twelve disciples were not the dream team. They were far from […]


today and everyday matters. Today found me team-teaching as part of a worship series. It’s asked lots of me, and stirred up one of the better facebook threads. There’s lots that I found, asked and re-affirmed as I prepared this talk. I’ll post the audio, asap. Or as A. W. Tozer said it, “Without worship, we go about miserable.” Here’s […]

vocation prayer*

Loving God, thank you for calling us at baptism to be your people and for inviting each of us to serve you through the gift of our lives. In response to your call we again say, “Yes.” Keep us faithful to your mission and our vocation. And, gracious Lord, we ask that you inspire more […]

STW 4.viii.2013

Here’s some of what today taught me. From early morning reading by John Piper in Taste and See, “…..That God is love unleashes the impulse of simplicity, and that God is God unleashes the impulse of complexity.” Vestments were a warm addage to our Book of Common Prayer, Communion! Preaching Luke 19, in Trinity 10…..broke […]


Consider the fruitfulness of the movement that Jesus initiated more than 2,000 years ago. It was grueling and physical. He was no ivory tower intellectual, dispensing wisdom from a safe distance. He was right in the mess of our struggles. Fully present in  the beautiful fragility of our humanity. He taught people, fed, touched and healed […]

what makes life great…?

What would make a Father give his Son to a band of thieves and bandits to have their way with him? Love What would make a man give up a good name for ignorant ridicule and scoffing? Love What would make a mother bring her child into a world through scandalous appearances? Love What would […]

a great prayer

…..full of simplicity, power and truth……sent my way, by a dear friend. God our Father In the name of Christ And in the Power of the Spirit We commit ourselves To you and one another To work, learn and pray As one body in Christ; To do nothing apart Which we can do together To […]

loving and serving,….despite

“I love our church and never will I depart from it. I’ve been frustrated by the structures of the church, angered sometimes by her policies and sometimes uninspired by her worship. And in spite of that, I live her, because through her, because through her the living God has made himself known to me! I […]

favourite olympic moments

There was anticipation and cynicism on a collision course. During the worlds visit to our capital, I served more from our church nave, welcomed, listened, prayed & accompanied people…..and yes wore clerical shirts more than ever! Here’s just a few things that caught my attention in this less-than-ordinary season. The teenagers lighting an outer layer […]

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