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being still*

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 – a verse we’re familiar with and one oft quoted during rare times of stillness in sung worship. But even then the stillness is fleeting. Life continues at its relentless pace and as the weeks roll by into months and so quickly years how do […]

be still my soul…

I have patterns that help me better follow Jesus. Occasionally I rummage through some of the older books on my shelves. I like to flick through old hymn books and often God guides me to something that sticks. God grabbed me through this hymn. It felt like it just punched me in the gut as I sat in […]

stillness and joy

One reason we know so little about joy is that we know so little about stillness. In this age of the world, most of us are busy with a myriad of priorities and projects. And we often pride ourselves in it. The person whose has a packed diary can sometimes swagger with more prestige than […]

a little while, away….

Coming aside in stillness and solitude for a few days is always good……! You have to slow down in order to go further! Doing less, and reducing the volume, to listen and learn of God…is always right, timely and good! “The wise man comes to God without saying a word and stands in awe of Him.” – […]

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