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Decent amounts of reading make for a great holiday tradition for me. Here's what I've read recently.... and here's the headlines if they're of interest to you?! Yes some of you have asked, so here's the titles, how I rated it out of 5, a simple one sentence summary and a favourite sentence quote. Just a takeaway... Sandcastle Kings, Rich Wilkerson Jr 2.5* A surprising rummage in Luke 7 around longings, lack and the lordship of Jesus Christ. p45 "In scripture two things amaze Jesus. Great faith and lack of faith. When Jesus looks at your life, what does he [...]

summers done

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And so as drizzle comes down. Here's a few snapshots from my mind. Humidity, sunshine and driving ease makes Florida kinda dreamy. Favourite t-shirt spotted: "you had me at bacon.' Disney is great.....but Universal won out for most of us. Chef was my favourite movie from what I saw over the summer weeks. And no I still haven't yielded to watching Frozen. Meditating on a few verses of scripture still wins out for me. The American can-do mentality is mostly great! Riding roller coasters was so enjoyed for the first time in my life. The Hulk was the best of what Orlando [...]


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Here's some of my summer reading sugguestions in the light of Krish's provocation. Desiring the Kingdom by JB Smith, is long overdue. Lots of pals have recommended it. And I have so loved his Good and Beautiful trilogy. Forty ways to look at Winston Churchill by Gretchin Rubin. Well simply because everything Rubin writes is worth reading. Insight, pace and brilliance, so am looking forward to this one. The Fabric of faithfulness, by Steven Garber. Belief and behaviour woven here, and it's a important looking IVP title. Cant wait to rummage with the big ideas of this. Do / Purpose by David Hieatt, as [...]

favourite olympic moments

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There was anticipation and cynicism on a collision course. During the worlds visit to our capital, I served more from our church nave, welcomed, listened, prayed & accompanied people.....and yes wore clerical shirts more than ever! Here's just a few things that caught my attention in this less-than-ordinary season. The teenagers lighting an outer layer of copper petals, folding inward like a venus flytrap, igniting the cauldron in a primal blaze.....see these great images Doing bar-hospitality at the Colin O'Brien photographic launch in our crypt. Saying hello to Usain Bolt at the Jamaican press conference at Truman Brewery around the [...]