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“Our Father, You come seeking fruit. Teach me, I pray You, to realise how truly this is the one object of my existence, and of my union to Christ” Andrew Murray 1 Performing never changes anything. Real does, because discipleship matters. 3DM great content here.  2 Alex Absalom on the missional church and weekend services. Really helpful stuff. 3 Three learning points from Andy Stanley's communication techniques. A useful overview here.  4 Pastoral concern for all the churches. Pastoral realities and burden. 5 "Jesus spoke clearly, confidently, personally and gently with no hint of manipulation." Krish K engages evangelism well. 

STW 18.viii.2013

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Here's some of what today taught me......... I love it how God choreographs different passages and different talks on the same day. Recovering from repeated mockage about being a crocs wearer when spotted on Friday! Having more invites to play candy crush than to read the bible today, again! Is our culture more distraction than discipleship?! I loved explaining what I was preaching in the 0830 Trinity 12 to Noah, about God being enough. 2 Corinthians 3 v 5, 'Our sufficiency is of God!' In advance of his new album release, Foy Vance sounds as brilliant as ever. Challenging Luke [...]

STW 13.i.2012

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I've had a great weekend, and to add to that; to get to serve our children by helping them learn to be pray and be more confident about Jesus; just immense! In the many spoken-out prayer requests....One sounded just like this:- "Dear God might there be snow so I can have a snow day with my mum!" "No one but Christ himself can call us to discipleship. Discipleship in essence never consists in a decision for this or that specific action; it is always a decision for or against Jesus Christ." Dietrich Bonhoeffer Julie's great Sunday afternoon baking! chocolate [...]

STW 23.ix.2012

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Here's todays.... 'Sunday Taught What?' Cold-wet-autumn has really landed: far too early! Am liking Pro-presenter, techie-goodness with the effortless Tim V at the helm. Top-class. We attempted video-recording for another use..... all great apart from the sound capacity! Survival and 'getting by' can be all-too-easily the pattern of our lives. There is so much more.... how can we be renewed for generousity? Fish and Chips at Poppies, Spitalfields is always a good experience. Great conversations with Bob Kietley too. Where are those places of discontentment in your life? .........remember 'godliness with contentment is great gain!' Prayer should be more praise than requests. [...]

STW 5.viii.2012

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So here's a little of what Sunday taught me.....! Jesus has irreparably changed the world...His Word exalts, frightens, shocks & forces us to reassess our whole life. Obscure passages are troublesome, engaging and yet provoke only more depth, hunger and how did any of you get on with the trickey good steward / unjust manager in Luke 16.  More reflections here. ....didn't get joy hung this weekend...... *the picture frame that is!! 'You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living.......In the depths of our isolation we cry to you, Lord God; give light in our darkness and [...]


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Theres a little bit of Nicodemus in all of us....... That head-and-head wrestle continues! Great BCP / Lectionary readings today......Trinity Sunday A fresh vision of history's last chapter, more than enough to sustain us in the now...... "In a dark world, we lift the bread and wine." .....from my journalled prayers:- Lord Jesus Christ, you speak to us of heavenly things, even when we are most interested in earthly things. Thank you that you call us to look up, when we would look down, and give up hope. Speak to us afresh, that we may learn the way and the [...]

STW 15.iv.2012

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Participating in and cheering on our children's work today:- the Emmaus Road story, is layered with meaning and possibility! Is discerning Jesus only more likely when we slow down.....? Mission, hospitality and table fellowship are inextricably bound up as one for me.... Storytelling is pure adventure....and something I want to continue growing in..... Not only does Jesus listen and teach,....but He lingers. Luke 24v28 reflects how much time we underestimate Jesus has for us! When you get tongue-tied with kids, heretical concepts can tumble out! Truly He is risen: He is risen indeed! Deep truth will always evoke a response [...]

STW 8.iv.2012

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Easter Day is glorious hope.... It's the day that death, forever dies! 'Concupiscience' from Colossians 3 KJV-style will always stick in the gums, without practice!?! Familiarity can make us apathetic to gospel truth. The substance of the resurrection is undeniable! Easter is the cosmic 'ta-dah' moment!!  Jesus said, “Because I live, you will live also!” John 14 v 19 However good the Independent, 10 Best Hot Cross Buns....the Allen & Overy in-house hot-cross buns were exceptional this week, and the mini-tiptree goodness....ohhhh! Wretched: Matt Chandler Nails It! Here's a great Easter time-line resource......   If Jesus were to still be dead, [...]

STW 4.iii.2012

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Confession is about healing that pours into our cracked & hurting lives, our alone places. Confession is about coming clean with the fact that, left to our lonesome, we are lost – but also owning the fact that we dare to long for much, much more. To confess is to say the truth about ourselves and our place and our desire. From my prayer preparations....'We bring ourselves in our living, our breathing, our working, our eating, our hardships and our dreams. Into our hopes and fears God of all wisdom be our help…… Where we cannot guide us, where we [...]

Prayer for 1st Sunday in Lent

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Jesus may we follow you on the pilgrim way of Lent, May we journey with you into the wilderness, Willing to move beyond the ordinary, So that we can discover your unexpected sacred places. Jesus may we wash our hands and purify our hearts, Learning to thirst after righteousness and hunger after justice, May we humble ourselves before you, Expecting to see you revealed in a new light. Jesus may we walk with you no matter how challenging the path, Learning to be patient with darkness and growth, Willing to live with not knowing, Until your mustard seeds take root [...]

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