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living for Christ?

Some outtakes or summary from Sunday’s talk with our church family……. From the brilliance of Jonathan Edwards – the puritan, not the triple-jumper! As a young adult mid 1800’s – Jonathan Edwards set down on paper a series of thoughts and practices to help cultivate growth in grace. These resolutions are immense, and Edwards would re-read this […]

Life of the Beloved

Henri Nouwen writes potently…..Perhaps like me you’ve never heard or seen him speak, then let me forward the invite of a dear friend, to watch & listen here. It’s an eight-parter: but utterly worth it.  Here are some of the most striking bits for me! The voice that calls you ‘beloved’ us the voice that […]


The pattern of Christmas Eve brings us close again to the beauty and mystery of John 1 v 1-14. For ‘in the beginning was the Word.’ In the beginning was communication. God’s unspoilt desire that we might know each other. God is always in communion. Three in one, infinite and personal ; sharing in love […]


Gift giving this Christmas. Yep that was the unoriginal theme I explored! This was my offering this year in our school festival. The theme of Christmas gift-giving for me corners on the Luke 2 v 11 scripture:- “Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; He is the Messiah, the […]

Advent 3

Increasingly I love a decent written-down prayer! I’m drawn to the repeated challenge of the Psalms. And Psalm 146 is part of our lot today. Like many of the Psalms around, it offers the unavoidable words of invitation:- “Praise the Lord!” Praising God is more than just thanking God. It’s adoration of who He is. […]

Advent 1

Today this finds us in Matthew 21 v 1-11 Here’s my advent talk outline. Here we have a donkey. Really nothing more grand?! The first truly public acknowledgment of Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah and He comes, as anticipated in a way that seems, frankly, a little bit silly. If God can use a stinky little […]

….who He uses!

some notes…..from a talk I gave last week: click-for-a-better-viewing……. and from Steve Addison’s primal-and-ultra-challenging: Movements that change the world  “God takes the initiative and chooses unlikely people, far from the centre of ecclesiastical power. He works to remake them from the inside out. He inspires innovative insights regarding his mission and how it is to be […]


1 JOHN 3v2 is where we’re at this morning. Here’s the outline, as part of our ‘Radical Disciple’ series vitally, rooted in God’s love, & responding to God’s love! But in the image & likeness of what? Genesis 1v26 Ephesians 4:22, Matthew 5, Galatians 5 & 1 Corinthians 13. I. OUR LIFE a godly pattern. 1 John […]

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