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where to find our real selves

We are warmed by fire, not by the smoke of the fire. We are carried over the sea by a ship, not by the wake of a ship. So too, what we are is to be sought in the invisble depths of our own being, not in our outward reflection in our own acts. We […]

comfort or truth?!

this was a ripper from Andy Stanley’s ‘Deep and wide’ church manifesto: one of my future reads……. here’s some quoteable-quotes from it. but this particularly grabbed me:- “People are far more interested in what works than what’s true. I hate to burst your bubble, but virtually nobody in your church is on a truth quest. Including […]

today’s collect

….on a day that was less than usual…. with pain, sadness, loss and tears………. we hold fast and look up. Almighty and everlasting God, increase in us your gift of faith that, forsaking what lies behind and reaching out to that which is before, we may run the way of your commandments and win the […]

what our hearts need to hear…

There’s a reason God’s mercies are new every morning. Perhaps it’s because every day my heart wakes and needs to hear afresh that all is well with God. So know this……… You are loved. 1 John 4:19 You have a purpose. Philippians 1:6 You’re not alone. Hebrews 13:5 You’re part of a bigger plan. Jeremiah 29:11 You will be (more-than) […]


Heres my new favourite poem:- brought to us by Darren as part of “the story of Gods glory!” teaching series at church…. Lester, by Shel Silverstein Lester was given a magic wish By the goblin who lives in the banyan tree, And with his wish he wished for two more wishes– So now instead of just […]

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