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five on Friday

“Most churches have not developed a good way of combining spiritual formation with missional living. That’s a capacity issue. It’s one thing to want to see your people move forward; it’s another to have the calling to actually move them forward. As the leader, you may be gifted to move into this personally, but if […]

Santa & Jesus

meet in an urban ryhmn via Glen Scrivener on youtube Top class and well worth reflecting….. Greg Boyd’s Marshmall0w-advent talk excerpt, some Threads Christmas goodness, Coldplay – Christmas Lights recording which is a personal favourite, cult-favourite Pedro: Napoleon Dynamite Dances To Michael W. Smith, yes indeed: visual goodness and the giggles from Talladega Nights movie: Baby Jesus Prayer!

the tragic gap

I recently watched this brilliant video (anything with Parker Palmer is just great!) Here were the three questions that I’ve wrestled with since… (1) When your life gets out of balance, do you usually swing to damaging cynicism or escapist idealism? (2) What circumstances or decisions tend to push you in this direction? (3) What practices […]

a special moment

…of mixed messages… don’t do this when reading….when leading,…when anything…..let hope the offended got damages!? Watch this hilarious-disturbing 1-minute church moment!…..and never repeat!

Learning & growing

Threads from along the way