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is captured well here….. Dan Allender writes this, “This is the strange paradox of leading: to the degree you attempt to hide or dissemble your weakness, the more you will need to control those you lead, the more insecure you will become, and the more rigidity you will impose – prompting the ultimate departure of […]

daring greatly

Brene Brown’s writing is continuing to make more and more sense for me. I’ve encouraged parishioners and friends to read this her most recent book. Brown was  in London town this week, but alas I didn’t make it onto the reserve-guest list! Here are some of the best quotes from her time…… If you are not […]

vulnerability in advent

Advent reminds that God meets us in the vulnerable places. God became man, the Almighty a tiny baby, in a stable, not a centrally heated hospital. TED speaker, Brene Brown has made a brilliant study of vulnerability, or more accurately the ‘intolerance of vulnerability,’ her life’s work. Unsurprisingly no one likes feeling vulnerable. We fight […]

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